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Life is a pendulum, so, keep swinging!!

Let’s start with fads and fashion, as we all shake our heads.

Hide your “mom” jeans… your teens will steal them!

But seriously…

In the beginning, our parents take care of us, and eventually, the roles reverse as we care for them. Stocks go up and then, inevitably, they go down. We love hard and then we fall harder. Our bodies fearlessly and relentlessly take a beating and then, to our surprise, it lurks around the corner, years later, on a cold fall morninga bitter reminder of our youth.

Though we know, that with the good, there will be hard times… this is no reason to cower or to give up the good fight.. so keep swinging. After all, life is simply a pendulum… fret not, my friend, this, too, shall pass. Pull up your bootstraps, stand tall and prepare for the sun to rise… because, honestly, it’s beautiful and it’s coming whether you are ready or not.

Have a great week! All my love, 🙂 Annie

*** as I type this post, I grabbed a glass of wine and danced around my kitchen to the new album by Vance Joy. Tonight, my family left for the beautiful country of Spain and I stayed back to work. It’s not ideal but I know it will all work out. I grilled garlic shrimp… served up olives, nuts & bread, and Facetimed with the kids. Deliciosa! Buenos noches!!! xoxox Annie

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