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Home Renos Coming My Way Soon! Reconstructuring my Temple.

When I initially began to craft today’s post I started off with the insanity of not being able to sleep last night because of my weight. (Seriously?)

Yes, I got up at 3am and weighed myself.

Listen, this is definitely not something I do, but out of nowhere, I pulled out the scale and was shocked.

(No, this is not a post about diet or exercising…)

I was shocked at how long I had allowed myself to make excuses about life, lay in bed, and go through the motions. It did not all happen overnight. It was a slow process, where I just sat back, idle, watching as it transformed me.

And at 3am, it had all caught up to me.

My revelation had nothing to do with how my body looked (this isn’t about beauty or youth, either…), it’s that I lost sight of my body and soul as a temple, complex, with many beautiful, valuable layers and somehow I had resorted to a dim corner and allowed the weeds to overgrow and the paint to crumble while life passed me by.

Earlier this week, I had read an incredible post titled “The Mastery of Self” by Vijay Kumar Verma ( and it must have been heavy on my heart. He wrote:

Raj yoga makes us rulers of the self. We have read somewhere that it offers Self-Mastery – where our mind always creates the right thoughts, independent of situations and people’s behavior.  Self-discipline and willpower come naturally to us, and our sense organs serve us, instead of controlling us.

Drop the mic, right? Well, said.

The concept of the temple is not anything new. We find it in throughout the traces of mankind in Christian and Hindi literature, not to mention in veagan campagins as well! (that was a new one for me…)

For now, bring on the rennovations. I’m drafting up the plans for my temple. I will need great contractors to support my blueprints and an eclectic interior designer to inspire me.

I know some changes are necessary, but I will not change the essence of what makes it mine.

I’m ready to turn this house into a home… once again! Welcome to my temple… under construction!

xoxo πŸ™‚ Annie

7 thoughts on “Home Renos Coming My Way Soon! Reconstructuring my Temple.

  1. I love this post and the honesty with which it’s written, Annie. I hadn’t heard the term butt dial, so I googled it, and now I know. What an appropriate expression for an unintended call like that. You’re right; our bodies are our temples, but like you, I sometimes find it challenging to remember that and act accordingly. It takes self-discipline, which I don’t always have, particularly when stressed. I very much like the quote from Vijay Kumar Verma, too. I wish you well in (re)building your temple. Emotional growth is a journey rather than a destination. I wish you well on your journey. Ellie xx πŸ’œ

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