Welcome to ‘I Behold Her’


I behold her,

Like the idiom “eye of the beholder”,

to ‘behold’ the modern woman

is to take an uninhibited and unashamed look at the different souls that live within us, as we travel through the journey of motherhood.

We need to face some truths in our lives in order to have clarity and we need to laugh at others in order to survive our circumstances.

We write them down in order to share our experiences, if not only to connect with others, and to remind us that it’s going to be ok and ‘this too shall pass’.

Behold: to see, to observe a person or thing, especially a remarkable or impressive one

I behold her

Her: referring to  female person(s) or used in titles such as “Her Royal Highness”

Yes, that seems about right.

#mumstheword    #girlpower

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