Blogger Bio

I am a wife and a mother.

I come from a very competitive background… I had the opportunity to represent my country at the University World Games and funded my college career as a Division I athlete.

Athletics do not play a large role in my life, now. When I went to college I was able to tap into my love for public discourse, politics and academia and I found myself stumbling into education where I teach public speaking and three debate classes.

Being on maternity leave has forced me to slow down. I was always on the move between my children’s commitments, my obligations to my students and my husband’s schedule. So, I decided to create a blog.

I have always wanted to do this… I love to storytell and I often find myself in places and situations that make me laugh out loud. Humor is the way I deal with difficult times, awkward times and even ‘every day’ normal times.

My goal is to blog every day. My time is consumed during day light hours chasing kids, nursing and maintaining a somewhat stable home. Blogging is a way of winding down at the end of the day… I’ve quickly found the therapeutic value of sharing my ideas in a creative and entertaining way!

I am very new to this, so be gentle. To be quite honest, I’m just as new to technology as I am to blogging. This may age me, but I actually thought computers were a fad when they first came out… I guess I have just had a hard time letting go to that notion! hahaha!!!

So, here I am. Letting loose… putting myself out there.
I am a blogger.

8 thoughts on “Blogger Bio

    • Thank you very much! A life with three kids is never dull— I look forward to connecting with other bloggers who have unique ways of documentary the world. Thanks for the encouragement! Cheers!

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  1. Annie…thanks for following Art & Tulips. I have been enjoying your own writing and look forward to more.
    Molly (aka JazzCookie)


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