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Spot it. Gratitude will keep you grounded.

In platform diving, we do so many somersaults, 10 meters in the air… we use a strategy called ‘spotting’ in order to prevent us from losing track of where we are and where we are going. For every somersault you complete, you have a point of reference that reminds you that you are ok and in the right placelosing sight of that ‘spot’ could result in confusion and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So, I am sure you see where I am going with this.

I was a platform diver in my younger years and I remember often saying that I dove with my eyes closed… that I could just feel where I was supposed to be, like it was intuition. But as I get older, I realize, that perhaps, if I would have just opened my eyes and had a point of reference, I would have relaxed a little bit more, been a little more confident because I could see where I was going.

Gratitude works a lot like spotting. If you keep track of where you have been and where you are going, you feel a little more ‘grounded’, despite flying through the air, taking on each somersault life throws you.

There are so many ways of practicing gratitude, here are 5 simple ways of maintaining sight of the beauty that surrounds you:

  1. Share you vision with others.- Whether you get to experience those moments with the ones you love or you simply share your gratitude, purposely verbalizing your gratitude with others in written or oral form releases oxytocin (our feel-good hormones), giving us a sense of happiness and appreciation
  2. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. (J. Swift)- Take a moment to slow things down and meditate. Clear your mind of the negativity and anxiety in the world and feel the comfort of being calm, surrounded by the beauty we don’t always see.
  3. Visualize the things you are grateful for.- Keeping a journal or a photo diary of the things you are grateful for gives you a tool for reflection when you’ve lost your ‘spot’.
  4. Avoid tunnel vision.– It is important to remember the struggles you’ve had but you can’t live there, there is a bigger picture.
  5. Keep your eye on the prize.– Have a list of macro and micro goals that allow you to strive for the future while celebrating in the present.

As a teen, diving gave me a safe space, to be with my friends and feel a sense of accomplishment. I wasn’t always the best at spotting, but like anything, it was a strategy that required time and practice. Taking the time to practice gratitude will help you ‘spot’ out the blessings in your life and give you a sense of vision for the future.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates vision for tomorrow.” – M. Beattie

*I wish that were a picture of me!! Credit goes to for capturing an amazing picture of fellow Canadian diver, Meaghan Benfeito, incredible platform diver!

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