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And so, she did. The mythological heroine.

It’s amazing the paralyzing effect that a deafening silence can have.

Senses heightened, I can hear the things I cannot see, I can feel the things I cannot touch. And it’s overwhelming. A state of confusion, as all the signs, slap me in the face.

There is logic and reasoning juxtapositioned with emotion and intuition. It feels like a whirlwind in my belly… the belly of the beast. I am flooded with all the details of a college lecture, where I was amazed at the power of mythology in film, literature, and the understanding of civilization.

“The leap into the Belly of the Beast is possibly the most potent symbol because it is the mythological representation of sacrifice. The psychologist Jordan Peterson has defined sacrifice as meaning “that you give up something of value in the present… so that you can improve the future.””

Even in the Hero’s Journey, before they go on and accept their calling, there is a refusal of the call. I imagine there was a deafening silence, a whirlwind in their belly as they contemplated their future.

I cut the silence, simply by moving. A sacrifice is an intentional act, it is not a lack of action. I choose to be paralyzed or I choose to seize the moment and move forward… one step at a time.

And so, I did.

I am my own heroine, and life is my journey.

(, Matthew Morgan 2019)

(image: Atalanta: The Forgotten Greek Heroine, against the odds, dared to live life on her own terms)

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