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And that is how the cookie crumbles…

A good parent has a routine.

Their children clean up after themselves and like clockwork, they shower, brush their teeth and put themselves to bed as they read the latest award-winning children’s book before dreaming of college and curing the latest macro-scale virus.

Damn. I stare at the cookie crumb laying on the floor.

It’s not that I just spent the last 2hrs, alone, cleaning, celebrating the chores of adulthood, but damn, I just washed the floors. (Ok, yeah, for the first time in weeks but still…) The crumb stares at me… I actually think I heard it chuckle. “Why do you even bother?”, mocking my attempt to keep a respectable establishment.

My 17 yrs old walks by and says, “Thanks for cleaning up, mum”, with a mouthful of graduation cookie. I roll my eyes. The verdict is out.

The littles are in the bedroom (my bedroom to be exact) munching on Cheezits, like it’s a confetti party for two. Not reading, not getting ready for bed but watching eccentric YouTube celebrities, as they giggle discussing how exactly they will get 100 water balloons into the house without mum noticing.

No, I don’t have a routine. And the advice from loved ones that are thrown around like the bride’s bouquet is more than welcomed… hoping one of these times I just might “catch what you’re throwing down”.

My bedroom has gone silent. A definite sign of disaster and not of innocent babies dreaming of sugar plums and college scholarships.

I take two deep breaths and walk toward the bedroom…

At some point, you gotta embrace the choas and appreciate the giggles and gratitude because some days… that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

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