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Window Shopping- The Instagram Trends of a Happy Household

Target is my oasis… it’s a place where I can walk around for hours with my kids. Window shopping. I fantasize we are about to go home to create an ‘Instagram worthy’ decor for the latest holiday. My children will put on their matching wardrobes as on-lookers peer inside seeking the latest trends of a happy household. 

 … my wallet gags as I begin to snoop up and down the aisles… But I suppress even the idea of having a budget or checking my account balance…

Perhaps we might choose the stark white, crispy elegance of a spotless home. Our accessories will be modern and minimalist, free of clutter with giant letters on the mantle spelling out some clever little #phrase.

 … my daughter tells me she’s in need of a napkin and before I can reach in my purse, she has wiped her sticky jelly sandwich hands on my jeans.                     I don’t even cringe, because I am already distracted by another white elegant piece for my living room…

Maybe we will transform our home into a Farmhouse and bake delightful treats that are too beautiful to eat, while all three kids share the utensils, selecting ingredients from our stocked pantry, whose containers remind us of artwork from some boutique in the quaint part of town. And we will laugh, as we toss flour in a carefree dance while someone, who is apparently watching in delight, takes pictures.

… as if on cue, I suddenly catch a glimpse of the cleaning supplies in aisle 12 and feel almost betrayed. I am reminded of dishwasher pods I came to purchase to alleviate the stress that has been placed on my kitchen sink of overflowing dishes. But it can wait

Because now, I’ve taken a quick turn into the storage aisle. These are not your traditional Tupperwear bins, in various sizes and lids. Oh, no. Storage systems have taken on a whole new genre. I can’t help it, I’m smitten by the variety of baskets and colors and fabrics, wood and iron… My collection of decorations and DIY crafting materials will be displayed in an inspiring manner, daring you to actually disrupt your organizational system, as it color coordinates with the featured painted wall of the room.

…I actually chuckle at this point, as I try to even remember where I’ve stashed our Christmas decorations from last year. Without a doubt, I’ll end up buying all new decorations… Again.

“Target will now be closing in 10 minutes. Please take your items to the front for checkout. Thank you for shopping at Target.”

I look down at my dishwasher pods and walk to the front.

I’ve left my Instagram dreams in the Home Decor department. My clean house and well behaved children will have to wait until next time. But in the meantime…

“Ugh, excuse me m’am, your son.”

…Sascha, my 2 year old, has pulled down his pants and is laughing and running carefree towards the back of the store as his sister cheers him on…  

I have 586 posts, 287 followers, following 386.  

But more importantly, I have 3 incredible kids, 1 loving husband, and 1 laughter-filled home.      

“Clean up on aisle 4.” 

(…wouldn’t trade it for the world.)

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