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Escher’s Conundrum-My resolve for the New Year


This could be the year of self-definition. As I look around at my world, it looks much like a sketch done by MC Escher. The only way to fully appreciate his work, is to realize you are not in control of the lines on the page. You can’t force the direction of the flow… the struggle has been intentionally manipulated to create a sense of confusion and chaos.

I have been in a tug of war, trying to make sense of it all. I can not erase lines that seem to stray off into the distance with a purposeful destination, leaving me behind wondering how they maintain to be an intricate part of the picture. I’ve been diligently following in step, keeping in stride with the staircases that have me struggling to climb in a series of roller coasters. Escher’s crystal ball has me wondering if I am seeing the whole picture or if my perspective is distorted by the angle from where I am standing.

I am bewildered by the face looking back at me. Though it should be my own reflection, I am confronted by a man who seems to see right through me. His reflection calmly reassures me that I should not be surprised or uncomfortable with what I have witnessed but I should relax and not try to rewrite his story but to focus on writing my own.




One thought on “Escher’s Conundrum-My resolve for the New Year

  1. Very interesting conclusion. If ur vision is 20/20 go for it if it’s blurred use the tools, process or methods to get it there.
    This Escher chap seems like an interesting individual.

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